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A community effort to collect a curated set of analysis pipelines built using Nextflow.


  1. tools Public

    Python package with helper tools for the nf-core community.

    Python 170 130

  2. modules Public

    Repository to host tool-specific module files for the Nextflow DSL2 community!

    Nextflow 135 315

  3. rnaseq Public

    RNA sequencing analysis pipeline using STAR, RSEM, HISAT2 or Salmon with gene/isoform counts and extensive quality control.

    Nextflow 538 516

  4. chipseq Public

    ChIP-seq peak-calling, QC and differential analysis pipeline.

    Nextflow 133 110

  5. sarek Public

    Analysis pipeline to detect germline or somatic variants (pre-processing, variant calling and annotation) from WGS / targeted sequencing

    Nextflow 210 269

  6. eager Public

    A fully reproducible and state-of-the-art ancient DNA analysis pipeline

    Nextflow 80 63