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@apeltzer apeltzer released this Dec 13, 2019

v1.1.0 nf-core/bacass: "Green Aluminium Shark" 2019/12/13

  • Added support for hybrid assembly using Nanopore and Illumina Short Reads
  • Added methods for long-read Nanopore data
    • Nanopolish, for polishing of Nanopore data with Illumina reads
    • Medaka, as alternative assembly polishing method
    • PoreChop, for quality trimming of Nanopore data
    • Nanoplot, for plotting quality metrics of Nanopore data
    • PycoQC, to QC Nanopore data
  • Added multiple tools to assemble long-reads
    • Miniasm + Racon
    • Canu Assembler
    • Unicycler in Long read Mode
  • Add alternative assembly annotation using DFAST
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