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Repository to host logos for nf-core
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A repository for hosting files containing the official nf-core logos and icons in ai, png and svg formats, along with instructions on how to download an nf-core logo for your pipeline.

Download a pipeline logo

From nf-core/tools v1.7 the pipeline logo in .png format will be automatically downloaded and added to the appropriate directories when you run the nf-core create command!

However, if you would like to download a logo for any other reason you can simply use a command like the one below:

curl --output nfcore-pipelinename_logo.png

Also, you can append the link with URL flags: ?s and ?w. The former scales the image to be 400px wide, which is a nice size for including the logo in the pipeline completion email. The latter lets you specify any width you want, e.g. ?w=800 will give you a logo that's 800px wide. The height of the image is automatically adjusted relative to the width.

Only one resize flag can be given at a time; ?w takes precedence.


If you have any questions or issues please send us a message on Slack.

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