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@matq007 matq007 released this Feb 14, 2019

Initial release of nf-core/rnafusion 🎉

This is the first production release under nf-core flag previously under SciLifeLab/NGI-RNAfusion.

This version includes:

  • Fusion gene detection tools:
    • STAR-Fusion v1.5.0
    • Fusioncatcher v1.00
    • Ericscript v0.5.5
    • Pizzly v0.37.3
    • Squid v1.5
  • Visualization tools:
    • FusionInspector v1.3.1
  • Other tools:
    • Summary report v1.0
    • FastQ v0.11.8
    • MultiQC v1.7
    • FusionGDB updated at 2019/01/23

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this release 💪
Special thanks go to @MaxUlysse, @alneberg, @ewels, @szilvajuhos and @apeltzer

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