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Sigourney is a modular audio synthesizer.

It is mostly written in Go, with a thin layer of JavaScript to provide the UI.

Project status

Sigourney is largely unmaintained these days. Pull requests that keep it building will be accepted, but no further development work will happen in this repo.


Sigourney has been developed under Mac OS X 10.9. It may run on other platforms, but I can only vouch for this one. In the future Sigourney should run on OS X, Linux, and Windows.

First, install Go. (Make sure you set GOPATH.)

Second, install portaudio and portmidi. I used Homebrew to do this under OS X.

$ brew install portaudio portmidi

Third, download (or update) and build Sigourney and its dependencies:

$ go get -u


Run the sigourney binary (which should be in $GOPATH/bin) from the repository root directory:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ $GOPATH/bin/sigourney

Then open http://localhost:8080/ in your web browser. (I have only tested with Google Chrome.)

At this point you should see a page with an "engine" module in the middle and a list of modules in the top right. Drag the "sin" module somewhere onto the canvas. Then you can click to draw a connection from the "sin" module's output to the "engine" module's input. At this point you should hear a 440hz sine wave. If not, something is wrong.


  • Drag a module to move it.
  • Drag an output to an input to create a connection.
  • Shift-click a module to delete it.
  • Shift-click a connection to detach it.
  • Drag the canvas to select multiple modules. With multiple modules selected:
    • Drag to move them.
    • Press D to duplicate them.
    • Press Control-X to delete them.

Why "Sigourney"?

The project was originally named "gosynth" but a friend told me in no uncertain terms that I needed a better name. Around that time, my pet rabbit Sigourney died, and so I decided to honor her memory with this project.

Sigourney, the rabbit

I like the name because Sigourney liked to hang out in my studio and listen to the music. (It's also convenient that it has "go" in it.)


Sigourney was written by Andrew Gerrand and is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.

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