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trying to parse deeper nested XML #5

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Hi, I hope this is an ok place to ask this question. So far, I have only used functions from the sample.xml that I adapted to my needs, but I have now come across a stumbling block. How do I parse the following file with SMXMLDocument? (mark up signs replaced with brackets as they wouldn't display in the preview)

(?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?)
(results totalResults="74")
(venue)A-Trane, Berlin(/venue)
(articleDescription)CD Optativo(/articleDescription)
(articleDescription)CD Mi Libro Abierto(/articleDescription)

I have managed to extract the 'venue' and 'date' items, but am stuck parsing the contained array 'merchitems' (which in itself contains a dictionary) into my iOS project. This is my attempt so far:

SMXMLDocument *document = [SMXMLDocument documentWithData:data error:NULL];
SMXMLElement *gigs = [document.root childNamed:@"gigs"];

// parsing loop
for (SMXMLElement *gig in [gigs childrenNamed:@"gig"]) {

    NSString *venue = [gig valueWithPath:@"venue"]; 
    NSLog(@"currently parsing venue %@", venue);
    NSMutableDictionary *gigReport = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObject:venue forKey:@"Venue"];

    NSString *date = [gig valueWithPath:@"date"]; 
    [gigReport setObject:date forKey:@"Date"];

    // everything works up to here, then it goes wrong //

    SMXMLElement *merchitems = [document.root descendantWithPath:@"merchitems"];        
    NSMutableArray *merchandiseArray = [NSMutableArray array];
    for (SMXMLElement *merchitem in [merchitems childrenNamed:@"merchitem"]) {

        NSString *articleDesc = [merchitem valueWithPath:@"articleDescription"]; 
        NSLog(@"currently parsing article %@", articleDesc);

        NSMutableDictionary *merchDict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObject:articleDesc forKey:@"Article Description"];

        NSString *articlePric = [merchitem valueWithPath:@"articlePrice"];  
        [merchDict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithDouble:[articlePric doubleValue]] forKey:@"Article Price"];

        NSString *articleSol = [merchitem valueWithPath:@"articleSold"]; 
        [merchDict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:[articleSol intValue]] forKey:@"Articles Sold"];

        [merchandiseArray addObject:merchDict];
    [gigReport setObject:merchandiseArray forKey:@"Merchandise Form"];

    [self.storedGigReports addObject:gigReport];

Thanks in advance for any help, hopefully one day I can give some back.


I think instead of:

    SMXMLElement *merchitems = [document.root descendantWithPath:@"merchitems"];        

You really want:

    SMXMLElement *merchitems = [gig childNamed:@"merchitems"];        

Glad to help! And FYI, descendantWithPath is really designed for situations where you want to dig deeper into the hierarchy, which you can do by adding periods. For instance:

NSString *venue = [document.root descendantWithPath:@"gigs.gig.venue"].value;

(But that example is only useful if you have just one <gig>).

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