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Qt library to encode/decode NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) messages
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This is a C++/Qt library to encode and decode messages based on NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) Specification.

For more info please visit:

It depends on Qt Core module (from Qt Framework, visit:

Source code available at GitHub:


  • Checkout the source tree:

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Create & serialize a NDEF message

#include <ndefmessage.h>

// First we create a valid NDEF message object...
NDEFMessage msg;
msg.appendRecord(NDEFRecord::createTextRecord("Hello, world!", "en-US"));

// ...and then we can serialize it and send everywhere.
QByteArray output = msg.toByteArray();

Parse a NDEF message stream

#include <ndefmessage.h>

// Imagine we've read a byte stream from a NFC tag.
QByteArray input = read_from_nfc_tag();

// Now we can parse it...
NDEFMessage msg = NDEFMessage::fromByteArray(input);

// ...and then we can use it.
if (msg.isValid())
    printf("Num of records: %d", msg.recordCount());

Encapsulate a NDEF message into a TLV record

#include <tlv.h>

// Imagine we've a valid NDEF message.
NDEFMessage msg;

// Now we can easily encapsulate it inside a TLV record...
Tlv tlv = Tlv::createNDEFMessageTlv(msg);

// ...and then we can serialize it and send everywhere.
QByteArray output = tlv.toByteArray();

Extract a NDEF Message from a TLV record

#include <tlv.h>

// Imagine we've a TLV byte stream.
QByteArray input;

// We can obtain the list of TLV records...
TlvList list = Tlv::fromByteArray(input);

// ...and then we can search for a NDEF one.
foreach (Tlv tlv, list)
    if (tlv.type() == Tlv::NDEF)
        NDEFMessage msg = NDEFMessage::fromByteArray(tlv.value());
        if (msg.isValid())
            printf("Num of records: %d", msg.recordCount());
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