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Mifare Classic Plus - Hardnested Attack Implementation for SCL3711 LibNFC USB reader
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Mifare Classic Plus - Hardnested Attack Implementation for LibNFC USB readers (SCL3711, ASK LoGO, etc)


Installation used to be very easy but the original CraptEV1 / Crapto1 source packages are not made available anymore by their author, therefore you've to find a copy of these two packages by yourself because redistribution of CraptEV1 is not allowed by its license.

# wget
# wget

Usage example: place a tag and enjoy

mkdir mydumps
cd mydumps

Possible issue:

error	libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb	Unable to set USB configuration (Device or resource busy)


sudo modprobe -r pn533_usb

This tool is comprised of work from:

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