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ndef is a Dart library to decode & encode NDEF records, supporting multiple types including (grouped by Type Name Format):

  • NFC Well-known Records (TNF 1 / urn:nfc:wkt:), with:
    • Text (class T)
    • URI with well-known prefix (class U)
    • Digital signature (class Sig)
    • Smart poster (class Sp), including sub-record:
      • Action (class act)
      • Size (class s)
      • Type (class t)
    • Connection handover (class Hr/Hs/Hm/Hi/Hc/ac/cr)
  • Media Records (TNF 2, containing MIME data), with:
    • Bluetooth easy pairing (class application/vnd.bluetooth.ep.oob)
    • Bluetooth low energy (class application/vnd.bluetooth.le.oob)
  • Absolute URI Records (TNF 3)
  • External Records (TNF 4 / urn:nfc:ext:), with:
    • Android application record (class

This library is still under active development and subject to breaking API changes and malfunction. Pull requests and issues are most welcomed, especially on:

  • Bug fixes
  • New support for other record types


import 'package:ndef/ndef.dart' as ndef;

// encoding
var uriRecord = new ndef.UriRecord.fromString("");
var textRecord = new ndef.TextRecord(text: "Hello");
var encodedUriRecord = uriRecord.encode().toHexString(); /// encode a single record, and use our extension method on [Uint8List]
var encodedAllRecords = ndef.encodeNdefMessage([uriRecord, textRecord]).toHexString(); // encode several records as a message

// decoding
var encodedTextRecord = "d1010f5402656e48656c6c6f20576f726c6421";
var decodedRecords = ndef.decodeRawNdefMessage(encodedTextRecord.toBytes());
assert(decodedRecords.length == 1);
if (decodedRecords[0] is ndef.TextRecord) {
  assert(decodeRecords[0].text == "Hello");
}  else {
  // we will not reach here

// data-binding (by implementing payload as dynamic getter / setter)
var origPayload = uriRecord.payload!;
uriRecord.content = "";
print(uriRecord.payload!.toHexString()); // changed
uriRecord.payload = origPayload;
print(uriRecord.content); // changed back

// decoding by providing parts of a record
var partiallyDecodedUrlRecord = ndef.decodePartialNdefMessage(ndef.TypeNameFormat.nfcWellKnown, utf8.encode("U"), origPayload, id: Uint8List.fromList([0x1, 0x2]));

See example code for a more complete example.

Refer to the documentation for detailed usage.