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NDEF Decoder and Encoder for Python

The ndeflib is a Python package for parsing and generating NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) messages. It is licensed under the ISCL, hosted on GitHub and can be installed from PyPI.

>>> import ndef
>>> hexstr = '9101085402656e48656c6c6f5101085402656e576f726c64'
>>> octets = bytearray.fromhex(hexstr)
>>> for record in ndef.message_decoder(octets): print(record)
NDEF Text Record ID '' Text 'Hello' Language 'en' Encoding 'UTF-8'
NDEF Text Record ID '' Text 'World' Language 'en' Encoding 'UTF-8'
>>> message = [ndef.TextRecord("Hello"), ndef.TextRecord("World")]
>>> b''.join(ndef.message_encoder(message)) == octets
.. toctree::
   :caption: Documentation
   :maxdepth: 2

   Decoding and Encoding <ndef>
   Known Record Types <records>
   Adding Private Records <extending>
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