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Baidu Analytics tracking for GitBook

Dependency Status devDependency Status

A gitbook plugin to add Baidu Analytics for your book

Install Plugin

Install with this command:

npm install gitbook-plugin-baidu-nfer

or add this to your book.json config:

    "plugin": ["baidu-nfer"]

and install it using:

gitbook install ./

Use Plugin

First you should have a Baidu Analytics token, looks like c12134efe8099063bacebecb25df3b7d.

Then add your token to book.json config:

    "plugin": ["baidu-nfer"],
    "pluginsConfig": {
        "baidu-nfer": {
            "token": "YOUR TOKEN"

Finally build your book with gitbook again and you'll get what you want.


  • Ver 0.0.2 init