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Yakutils is yet another toolbox of Python helper functions.

This package is available on PyPi, but its primary purpose is to allow one (me) to copy these into projects or to prevent one (me as well) from needing to Google how to write them (I'm looking at you csv.DictReader and csv.DictWriter).

This project is a continuous work-in-progress, and while its contents are specific to stuff that I use, pull requests are certainly welcome.


To download using pip via PyPi:

$ pip install yakutils

Usage Examples:

>>> from yakutils import read_csv
>>> read_csv('/path/to/data.csv')
    'name': 'Tomatillo',
    'age': 27
  # ...

>>> import datetime as dt
>>> from yakutils import date_to_iso8601
>>> date_to_iso8601(

>>> from yakutils import datetime_to_iso8601
>>> datetime_to_iso8601(dt.datetime.utcnow())

>>> from yakutils import datetime_to_unixtimestamp
>>> datetime_to_unixtimestamp(dt.datetime.utcnow())

>>> from yakutils import iso8601_to_datetime
>>> iso8601_to_datetime('2020-01-26T19:04:40.219668Z')
datetime.datetime(2020, 1, 26, 19, 4, 40, 219668)

>>> import json
>>> from decimal import Decimal
>>> from yakutils import json_defaults
>>> json.dumps({
...   'now': dt.datetime.utcnow(),
...   'today':,
...   'time': dt.time(1,2,3),
...   'num': Decimal(2.777),
...}, default=json_defaults)
'{"now": "2020-01-28T01:10:37.599281Z", "today": "2020-01-27", "time": "01:02:03", "num": 2.777}'

>>> from yakutils import random_string
>>> random_string(20)

>>> from yakutils import update_qs
>>> update_qs('', pi=6.28)

For complete list of utility functions, see: