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nfitzen's Custom Scripts

These are some custom scripts made by @nfitzen, while borrowing some concepts from GameBanana. Website


Build info

Requires a custom 7zSFX module (for making SFX)

You need 7-Zip (the compiler script downloads a cmd-only ver. automatically if not in path)

That's it!


If you want to (hopefully) decrease your client-server latency (less facestabs yay), you may run exec apply_enhancements in console. Use only with good internet!


  • <toggleScript> - toggles various functions in script. default: SHIFT
  • <attack> - button to attack default: left-click/MOUSE1
  • <attack2> - button for secondary attack default: right-click/MOUSE2
  • <sentry replace> - button for rebuilding a Sentry Gun (destroy & build). default: MOUSE2
  • <teleport> - Eureka Effect teleport. Can be toggled using <toggleScript> default: B

Click here and edit the keybinds to your liking. (default_keybinds.cfg in tf/custom/ncustomcontent)

If you want to change the keybinds go here

All Classes

  1. Press Q to zoom in (if you don't like that and want the default again head to default_keybinds.cfg)


Stabsap Script

  1. Hold <toggleScript> and <attack> to stab (hopefully an Engineer) and immediately pull out your sapper.

  2. Hold <attack> and <toggleScript> to keep sapping. Let go of <attack> to stop and then let go of <toggleScript>


Replace Sentry:

  1. Hold <toggleScript> and <sentry replace> to destroy your current sentry and rebuild another
    • If you wish to change <sentry replace> from MOUSE2, you may use the individual ones in default_keybinds.cfg
    • If you want the cmds here they are:
      • bind KEY sentryDestroyAndBuild (non-togglable (<toggleScript> isn't used to toggle it.))
      • bind KEY +sentryReBuild (togglable)

Eureka Effect Script:

  1. Press <teleport> to teleport to spawn

    • Hold <toggleScript> key and press <teleport> to teleport to your tele exit


Rocket Jump Script:

  1. <toggleScript> + <attack> = rocket jump
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