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Serving Hack2 application with the great Mongrel2 server

  • enumerator enabled, constant memory consumption when enumerator all the way down

How to run

  • install mongrel2
  • install GHC
  • install cabal-install

cabal update
cabal install nemesis
cabal install hack2-handler-mongrel2-http
cabal install hack2-contrib

git clone

cd hack2-handler-mongrel2-http

# load a mongrel config, for more information, see the Nemesis task file
nemesis load

# start a mongrel server, port is 6767
nemesis start

# start a hello world hack2 app using mongrel2 handler
nemesis run

now visit: http://localhost:6767, you should see a hello world page.

Monkey fix the Dependency Hell

  • add what you need into the build-depends part of hack2-handler-mongrel2-http.cabal and cabal install, this will make sure the correct version of your libraries are pre-linked with mongrel2-http.

Useful getting started resource

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