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Miku application development guide


This template shows how a Miku application can incorporate the following features

  • Sandboxing
  • Auto reload
  • Auto update the browser (Chrome on Mac in this example)
  • Usage of moe HTML combinator
  • Usage of shakespeare-css

Install Guide

Install sandbox mechanism

cabal install virthualenv

Get Miku project template

git clone $your_app_name
cd $your_app_name

Clean the git repository

delete .git directory, then initialize the VCS of your choice.

Sandbox the application

source .virthualenv/bin/activate

Install libraries

cabal install haskell-src
cabal install miku
cabal install hack2-interface-wai
cabal install nemesis
cabal install shakespeare-css
cabal install moe
cabal install enumerator

Install the latest wai-handler-devel

pushd .

mkdir vendor
cd vendor
git clone

cd wai/wai-handler-devel
cabal install


Miku Run

Start the server

nemesis rs

Change port

vi src/runDevelServer.hs


  • press q then Enter to exit the reloading process.
  • run deactivate to exit the sandbox
  • the reloader only works within src/, so your app's current directory is src/, keep that in mind.
  • only tested on GHC 7.2.2