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hungry-delete.el - hungry delete minor mode

Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Nathaniel Flath

Version: 1.0


This package implements hungry deletion, meaning that deleting a whitespace character will delete all whitespace until the next non-whitespace character.

cc-mode implements hungry deletion for its programming modes. This package borrows its implementation in a minor mode, so that hungry deletion can be used in all modes.

The function global-hungry-delete-mode will turn on hungry-delete-mode in all buffers.


To use this mode, just put the following in your init.el:

(require 'hungry-delete)

hungry-ish deletion

Some users mght find hungry-delete's default behavior too aggressive, since it will often merge the words before and after the deletion point. This behavior can be changed by setting the hungry-delete-join-reluctantly flag to true. This will cause the hungry deletion functions to leave words seperated by a single space if they would have been joined, unless the words were separated by just one space to begin with

As an example, suppose you're in the following state.

;; State A
foo        bar

Pressing backspace with hungry-delete-join-reluctantly as nil (the default) will land you here

;; State B

Whereas if hungry-delete-join-reluctantlyis enabled, you'll end up here

;; State C
foo bar

whereupon you can press backspace again to get to state B


Enables hungry deletion in all modes.



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