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%% Performs LDA on the KnollB data, applies the results to both the training and
%% the test data, plots the results and prints the error percentages for both sets.
[mu1B mu2B sigmaB pcB1 pcB2] = lda(Btrain)
[mB bB]=getdecisionbound(mu1B, mu2B, sigmaB, pcB1, pcB2);
plotdecisionbound(Btrain, mu1B, mu2B, mB, bB, -2.5, 2.5, -2, 2);
title('Knoll B Training');
print -dpsc ldaKnollBtrain.eps;
[errTrain margTrain]=ldaerror(mu1B, mu2B, sigmaB, pcB1, pcB2, Btrain);
plotdecisionbound(Btest, mu1B, mu2B, mB, bB, -2.5, 2.5, -2, 2);
title('Knoll B Test');
print -dpsc ldaKnollBtest.eps;
[errTest margTest]=ldaerror(mu1B, mu2B, sigmaB, pcB1, pcB2, Btest);
disp(sprintf('Knoll B: Error for training set: %f, for test set: %f', errTrain, errTest));
disp(sprintf('Knoll B: Margin for training set: %f, for test set: %f', margTrain, margTest));
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