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Ch 1: Getting Started with TensorFlow

This chapter intends to introduce the main objects and concepts in TensorFlow. We also introduce how to access the data for the rest of the book and provide additional resources for learning about TensorFlow.

  1. How TensorFlow Works (General Outline of TF Algorithms)
  • Here we introduce TensorFlow and the general outline of how most TensorFlow algorithms work.
  1. Creating and Using Tensors
  • How to create and initialize tensors in TensorFlow. We also depict how these operations appear in Tensorboard.
  1. Using Variables and Placeholders
  • How to create and use variables and placeholders in TensorFlow. We also depict how these operations appear in Tensorboard.
  1. Working with Matrices
  • Understanding how TensorFlow can work with matrices is crucial to understanding how the algorithms work.
  1. Declaring Operations
  • How to use various mathematical operations in TensorFlow.
  1. Implementing Activation Functions
  • Activation functions are unique functions that TensorFlow has built in for your use in algorithms.
  1. Working with Data Sources
  • Here we show how to access all the various required data sources in the book. There are also links describing the data sources and where they come from.
  1. Additional Resources
  • Mostly official resources and papers. The papers are TensorFlow papers or Deep Learning resources.
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