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// Copyright (C) 2014 Michael Biggs. See the COPYING file at the top-level
// directory of this distribution and at
#ifndef _statik_Grapher_h_
#define _statik_Grapher_h_
#include "IncParser.h"
#include "List.h"
#include "Rule.h"
#include "STree.h"
#include <string>
namespace statik {
class Grapher {
Grapher(const std::string& out_dir, const std::string& base_filename);
void AddMachine(const std::string& context, const Rule& machineRoot);
void AddOrderList(const std::string& context, const OrderList& orderList, const List& start);
void AddIList(const std::string& context, const List& start, const std::string& label = "");
void AddSTree(const std::string& context, const STree& root, const std::string& label = "", const STree* initiator = NULL);
void AddIListeners(const std::string& context, const IncParser& incParser, const List& start);
void AddOBatch(const std::string& context, const Batch& batch, const std::string& label = "");
void Signal(const std::string& context, const void*, bool isUpdate = false);
bool IsDirty() const { return m_isDirty; }
void SaveAndClear() {
void Save();
void Clear();
std::string m_out_dir;
std::string m_base_filename;
std::string m_graph;
int m_img_count;
bool m_isDirty;
#endif // _statik_Grapher_h_
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