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// Copyright (C) 2014 Michael Biggs. See the COPYING file at the top-level
// directory of this distribution and at
#ifndef _statik_IncParser_h_
#define _statik_IncParser_h_
#include "Batch.h"
#include "List.h"
#include "ListenerTable.h"
#include "ObjectPool.h"
#include "OrderList.h"
#include "OutputFunc.h"
#include "ParseAction.h"
#include "Rule.h"
#include "STree.h"
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
namespace statik {
class Grapher;
class IncParser {
typedef typename ListenerTable<const List*, STree*>::listener_set listener_set;
typedef typename ListenerTable<const List*, STree*>::listener_iter listener_iter;
IncParser(std::auto_ptr<Rule> grammar,
const std::string& name = "",
const std::string& graphdir = "");
const STree& GetRoot() const; // for tests
// Insert a new item, after position pos (NULL for start).
void Insert(const List& inode, const List* pos);
// Delete an item.
void Delete(const List& inode);
// Update an item with a new value.
void Update(const List& inode, const std::string& value);
// Apply a batch of inode insertions/updates/deletions
void ApplyBatch(const Batch& batch);
void ExtractChanges(Batch& out_batch);
void Enqueue(ParseAction action);
// Called from a rule, regarding its parse node.
// Listens for updates to this inode.
void Listen(STree& x, const List& inode);
void Unlisten(STree& x, const List& inode);
// Called from a node that's being restarted, to cancel all its listening
void UnlistenAll(STree& x);
// IncParser owns the STree nodes. This allows a ParseFunc() to "unlink" a
// node from the tree before it is actually deleted, so that an OutputFunc()
// can refer to its destruction safely.
STree* OwnNode(std::auto_ptr<STree> node);
// Prepare a node to be removed completely
void ClearNode(STree& x);
// Get the first node of the input list
const List* GetFirstINode() const;
// Get the first node of the output list
const List* GetFirstONode() const;
// Indicate that a node has been computed. Called by STree::ParseNode()
void TouchNode(const STree& node);
// Indicate that a node must be force-changed (i.e. its parent MUST believe
// that the node has changed)
void ForceChange(STree& node);
int INodeCompare(const List& a, const List& b) const;
listener_set GetListeners(const List& x) const;
void DrawGraph(const STree& onode,
const List* inode = NULL,
const Batch* batch = NULL,
const STree* initiator = NULL);
std::string Name() const { return m_name; }
typedef std::deque<ParseAction> action_queue;
typedef action_queue::const_iterator action_iter;
typedef action_queue::iterator action_mod_iter;
typedef std::map<STree::depth_t, action_queue> action_map;
typedef std::map<const STree*, OutputList> output_map;
typedef output_map::const_iterator output_iter;
typedef output_map::iterator output_mod_iter;
typedef std::map<const List*, List*> input_map;
typedef input_map::const_iterator input_iter;
typedef input_map::iterator input_mod_iter;
// Called by ApplyBatch() and public Insert()/Delete()/Update()
void InsertNode(List& inode);
void DeleteNode(List& inode);
void UpdateNode(List& inode);
void ProcessActions();
void ComputeOutput_Update(const STree& node, Batch& out_batch, const List*& behind_node, State::Station worst_station);
void ComputeOutput_Insert(const STree& node, Batch& out_batch, const List*& behind_node, State::Station worst_station);
void ComputeOutput_Delete(const STree& node, Batch& out_batch, State::Station worst_station);
void Cleanup();
// Convenience wrappers for ComputeOutput_*
void InsertOutput(const OutputItem& item, Batch& out_batch, const List*& behind_node, State::Station worst_station);
void RemoveOutput(const OutputItem& item, Batch& out_batch, State::Station worst_station);
void UpdateOutput(OutputItem& item, Batch& out_batch, const List*& behind_node, State::Station worst_station);
const List* GetOEnd(const OutputItem& item) const;
void SanityCheck(const std::string& why);
void SanityCheck(const STree* s, int depth) const;
Rule m_rootRule; // Rule for the Root node
STree m_root; // Root of the parse tree
std::string m_name;
std::auto_ptr<Grapher> m_grapher;
ObjectPool<List> m_ilistPool;
input_map m_inputMap;
ObjectPool<STree> m_nodePool;
// because deleted nodes still need to be compared during ExtractChanges()
std::vector<const List*> m_deleteFromOrderListSoon;
OrderList m_orderList;
action_map m_actions_by_depth;
ListenerTable<const List*, STree*> m_listeners;
std::vector<STree*> m_forcedChanges;
output_map m_outputPerNode;
std::set<const STree*> m_touchedNodes;
List* m_firstINode;
int m_sancount;
#endif // _statik_IncParser_h_
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