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// Copyright (C) 2015 Michael Biggs. See the COPYING file at the top-level
// directory of this distribution and at
#ifndef _statik_OrderList_h_
#define _statik_OrderList_h_
#include "List.h"
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace statik {
class OrderNode {
typedef std::map<const List*, OrderNode*> node_map;
typedef node_map::const_iterator node_iter;
typedef node_map::iterator node_mod_iter;
OrderNode(OrderNode* parent);
void RemoveLeaf(const List& leaf);
void InsertLeaf(const List& leaf, node_map& out_changes);
void InsertLeafBefore(const List& leaf, const List& next, node_map& out_changes);
void InsertLeafAfter(const List& leaf, const List& prev, node_map& out_changes);
void InsertChildAfter(OrderNode* child, const OrderNode& prev, node_map& out_changes);
int CompareLeaves(const List& a, const List& b) const;
int CompareChildren(const OrderNode& a, const OrderNode& b) const;
bool HasLeaves() const;
const OrderNode* Parent() const;
std::string DrawNode(const std::string& context) const;
OrderNode* m_parent;
const unsigned int MAX_CHILDREN;
const unsigned int MAX_LEAVES;
typedef std::vector<OrderNode*> child_vec;
typedef child_vec::const_iterator child_iter;
typedef child_vec::iterator child_mod_iter;
child_vec m_children;
typedef std::vector<const List*> leaf_vec;
typedef leaf_vec::const_iterator leaf_iter;
typedef leaf_vec::iterator leaf_mod_iter;
leaf_vec m_leaves;
bool HasChild(const OrderNode& child) const;
void RemoveChild(const OrderNode& child);
void Grow(node_map& out_changes);
class OrderList {
void Insert(const List& inode);
void Delete(const List& inode);
int Compare(const List& a, const List& b) const;
std::string Draw(const std::string& context, const List& start) const;
OrderNode::node_map m_nodes;
#endif // _statik_OrderList_h_
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