adds variable to return array of given directory content
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Direct Contents plugin for CraftCMS

Adds"path/to/directory") variable to templates allowing passing of a directory.

The variable returns a recursive array of the directories contents.

Currently supported parameters are path and ignoreFiles. Only path is required.

By Default ignoreFiles only ignores .DS_Store

Very early release.


  1. Download Zip
  2. Drop directorycontents in your plugins folder
  3. Install
  4. Go Go Go


// Template Tag
{% set files ="path/to/directory") %} // return array

// or
{% set options = {
    path: "path/to/dir",
    ignoreFiles: [".DS_Store", ".gitignore", "example.txt"]
} %}
{% set files = %}


  • ADD ALL THE OPTIONS (e.g. depth, file type etc)