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Mini Calculator.apk
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Project Name

Mini Calculator (Android Application)


This is simple lollypop UI android application. It has all basic function like addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. There are some extra scientific function like trigonometric, logirithmic, exponential and factorial. Click here for [download](Mini Calculator.apk) this application.


Starting page

![screenshot](screenshot (1).png)

Output of 1+3

![screenshot](screenshot (2).png)

Output of factorial(12)

![screenshot](screenshot (3).png)

Software Required

  • Android Studio

Import Project

  • Unzip this project and place the unziped folder in AndroidStudioProject folder.
  • Open Android studio
  • Then goto the file menu and click open
  • Open the project from AndroidStudioProject

Run The Code

You can run the android project by two method :

  • by running the emmulator
  • on your android device Just click on the RUN button present in the run menu in the android studio and you are ready to go.