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Slim Framework based Statbus!


  1. This application is still under heavy development. There are hardcoded references to tgstation/tgstation that cannot be easily overridden without forking this repo.
  2. Support and help for downstream installations is NOT being offered at this time. This will change as this project matures. PRs and bug reports are always welcome.


  • PHP 7.2
  • Composer
  • A MySQL user with read-only privileges to your Space Station 13 database
  • (optional) A second database for saving some parsed data


  1. Configure your webserver for Slim.
  2. Clone this repo into the document root you specified in step 1.
  3. Run composer update and composer dump-autoload -o.
  4. Copy .env.example to .env and adjust your settings accordingly.

Second Database (Alt DB)

Some data, when parsed, can be saved to a second database. To enable this function:

  1. Make sure the ALT_DB_* variables are set in your .env. See .env.example for details.
  2. Initialize the second database using the table structure defined in sql/alt_db.sql.


  1. Run git pull.
  2. Run composer update and composer dump-autoload -o.
  3. (Maybe) Remove the twig cache at tmp/twig.

Second Database (Alt DB)

  1. Apply any updates specified in sql/

##Customizations There are several files you can edit in order to tailor Statbus to your codebase:

  • src/conf/servers.json can be used to map server information. At the minimum, you must specify a server port and name. See src/conf/example-servers.json.
  • src/conf/ranks.json holds the definitions for admin rank badge colors and icons. See src/conf/example-ranks.json for examples. The icon field sources icons from FontAwsome. You only need the name of the icon, the part after fa-.
  • src/conf/jobs.json can be used to customize what jobs are looked at for querying role_time data (as seen on /me). You should copy src/conf/example-jobs.json into your jobs.json and add or remove jobs from that listing.

##Development Slimbus can be set up in a local development environment with Docker.


Statbus, but better!



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