Adafruit SSD1351 1.5" Color OLED library for Particle Photon
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Adafruit SSD1351 1.5" Color OLED library for Particle Photon

Connect an Adafruit SSD1351 1.5" Color OLED breakout board to a Particle Photon.

Particle Photon with OLED Display


MicroSD Card is not currently supported

Should be possible, but I haven't yet gotten it working. See and for examples where folks have succeeded.

Requires modification for other screen sizes

With a small change, this library could be adjusted to work with 1.27 inch OLED, and possibly the 0.96 inch OLED breakout boards.


For hardware SPI (considerably faster), connect the pins as follows:

Photon  -> OLED
3V3     -> 3Vo (3V)
GND     -> GND (G)

D6      -> DC
D5      -> RESET (R)

A5      -> MOSI (SI)
A3      -> SCK (CL)

A2      -> OLEDCS (OC)

DC and RESET may be set to any pin, but the example defaults to D5 & D6.

Any combination of pins may be used for software SPI, but the display will update more slowly.

API documentation



This is based on a collection of work from other tallented developers, 99.9% of the credit goes to them.