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Contentful Dictate

A UI Extension for Contentful that uses IBM Watson Speech to Text to enable voice dictation.

Designed to be hosted on Bluemix.


Browser support

Works in recent versions of Firefox, will work in Chrome with a small change (see #2), and probably works in Edge (untested). Does not work in current versions of Internet Explorer or Safari due to missing API support.

Localization support

This extension attempts to match the desired locale, falling back to a language-only match and then finally en_US if no sutable match is found.

Watson Speech to Text currently supports English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.


There are a few different steps to getting this set up. You'll need accounts at Contentful and Bluemix.

The Deploy to Bluemix button completes steps 1-3 automatically:

Deploy to Bluemix

  1. First create a Watson Speech to Text instance on Bluemix.
  2. Edit manifest.yml to have a unique name and use the name of the Speech to Text service instance you created in step 1.
  3. Upload your copy of the app via the Cloud Foundry CLI tool:
cf push

At this point, you should be able to hit the bluemix url and see a working instance of the widget.

  1. Edit the extension.json file with your server's url (be sure to use https - Bluemix provides this for all * domains.), and then follow the guide to create your own extension on Contentful.

Local testing

You'll need to set things up on bluemix to get credentials, but then you can create a .env file (based on .env.example) or just hard code the credentials into app.js. After that, just run npm start and visit http://localhost:3000/ to test it out.


  • Improve the setup instructions
  • Set up graphic and description for Appearance tab
  • Automated testing and continuous deployment
  • Switch to a multi-field-level extension that augments all existing text fields with a dictate button instead of being a seperate type of field


A UI Extension for Contentful that uses IBM Watson Speech to Text to enable voice dictation.



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