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* Wrapper for the PHP version of CSS Tidy to allow it to accept command line arguments.
* (I tried the linux version but I couldn't get the binary to work or the source to compile without errors..)
* Requires php5-cli to work:
* sudo aptitude install php5-cli
* Copyright Nathan Friedly -
* MIT License
exit("usage:\n$ php $argv[0] source.css destination.css\n");
// fire up css tidy
$css = new csstidy();
// put all settings on "no shenanigans" mode
// read in the source file
$source_css = file_get_contents($argv[1]) or die("Error reading source file $argv[1]\n");
//echo "source css: \n\n" . substr($source_css,0,300) . "...\n\n";
// and spit out the results
$result = $css->print->plain();
//echo "parsed css: \n\n" . substr($result,0,300) . "...\n\n";
file_put_contents($argv[2], $result) or die ("Error writing to destination file $argv[2]\n");
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