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No longer Functional

Google removed public access to PageRank scores, so this library is no longer functional.

Old description, from when it worked

Tool for finding the Google PageRank of a given url. Can be used as a node module or a cli command when installed with -g.

Build Status


npm install --save pagerank


var getPageRank = require('pagerank');

// pageRank will either be a number or null
getPageRank('', function(error, pageRank) {
    console.log(error, pageRank);

Breaking changes:

  • Starting with version 1.3, pagerank will return/emit an error event when a non-200 status code is received from Google. (Previously it gave a null pagerank, but no error.)
  • Starting with version 2.0, pagerank is no longer a readable stream / event emitter, it can only be used via callbacks.

Or, install it globally

npm install -g pagerank

and use it on the commandline: