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The web version of the Inspiral app. Written in TypeScript, using D3.js.


  1. install Node.js
    • note: this project only seems to build correctly with version 5 and lower, due to this issue:cgross/grunt-dom-munger#42. Removing the isPath parameter makes the build produce incorrect results. a. I got around this issue by hacking in this PR in InspiralWeb/node_modules/grunt-dom-munger/tasks/dom_munger.js
  2. install Grunt and Bower
  3. run npm install and bower install inside InspiralWeb/ directory
  4. run bower install inside the InspiralWeb/gallery directory
  5. change the value @fa-font-path in /bower_components/fontawesome/less/variables.less from ../fonts to ./
    • do the same for the bower_components directory in /gallery
  6. install WebEssentials VS plugin
  7. run npm run build-scripts
  8. Install http-server globally and run http-server inside the /InspiralWeb directory
  9. create a distribution build, run grunt inside the InspiralWeb/ directory

Here be dragons

There are some seriously terrible things about this codebase:

  1. A number of the original *.ts files are missing, but the compiled *.js files still exist. I'm not sure how this happened 🤷
  2. I haven't invested time into figuring out how to compile the LESS (it used to be done automatically by the VS extension), so currently there's no way to make style changes to the app. I gave this a shot with the build-styles npm scripts, but they're not yet working. For now - just don't touch app.min.css.


  1. after building (see above), run npm publish from the ./dist/ directory a. don't run this command from the InspiralWeb/ directory!