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Another iteration of my personal website. This one is blog-focused and utilizes Jekyll for content management.

View the source on GitLab.


To bundle and run this website locally, run bundle exec jekyll serve at the root of this project.

To include drafts, incremental compilation, and livereload, use bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental --drafts --livereload. (Livereload doesn't seem to work on Windows.)


Once a new version of this site is published to, automated tests can be run against the live site by running the tests in the website-3.0-tests project.

Note: Usually there is no need to trigger these manually; the deployment project automatically triggers a test run via a downstream pipeline after a successful deployment.


In most cases, it is not necessary to publish or deploy manually. This is automated by the GitLab pipeline; simply bump the version in package.json and push new changes to master to trigger this project's pipeline. See the Deployment section below for more information.

If for some reason it is necessary to manually publish the finalized build artifacts to NPM, bump the version in package.json and run:

  • JEKYLL_ENV="production" bundle exec jekyll build
  • npm publish _site/

Make sure not to run npm publish from the root of the project, as this command will succeed, but will publish the wrong directory to NPM.

Rebuilding Algolia search index

Rebuilding of the Algolia search index is also automated by the GitLab pipeline and shouldn't need to be run manually.

To rebuild the Algolia search index manually, (used on the search page), run bundle exec jekyll algolia.

Note that this requires an Algolia API key to be provided either through a local _algolia_api_key file or through an ALGOLIA_API_KEY environment variable.


In order for the GitLab pipeline to succeed, two environment variables must be present:

Variable name Description
ALGOLIA_API_KEY Algolia API key used for updating the Algolia search index
NPM_TOKEN NPM token for publishing the @nathanfriend/website-3.0 package

This project's pipeline is responsible for compiling the site into static HTML/CSS and publishing the result to npm (as @nathanfriend/website-3.0 package).

The final stage of this project's pipeline triggers a downstream pipeline in the website-3.0-docker project. This pipeline is responsible for actually deploying the site to`.

The site will only be published/deployed if the version in this project's package.json is bumped. Pushing commits to master without bumping the version in package.json will not cause the site to be redeployed.


The following directories and their contents are Copyright Nathan Friend. You may not reuse anything therein without my permission:

  • _posts/
  • _drafts/
  • assets/img/

All other directories and files are MIT Licensed. Feel free to use the HTML and SCSS as you please. If you do use them, a link back to would be appreciated, but is not required.


Another iteration of my personal website. This one is blog-focused and utilizes Jekyll for content management.








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