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# Welcome on CanImage sources : Image editor for Firefox

## About CanImage
CanImage is a Firefox add-on enabling you to modify images from many sources inside Firefox. Once you did, you can push her everywhere you want (input[type=file], input[type=text]|textarea as dataUri, clipboard as Bitmap or DataUri, any hardrive).

To get CanImage for production go there . To get CanImage development version, follow the above quick start guide.

More informations on the official web site :

## About CanImage technologies
CanImage is a Firefox addon. It use XUL and Javascript. You can get more information on the Mozilla Developer Center (

## Quick start

Create a new Firefox profile for add on development (

Clone the project into the extension folder of this new profile.

-Unix/Linux :
$ git clone git:// ~/.mozilla/firefox/(FirefoxProfile)/extensions/

-Windows sample :
$ git clone git:// C:\Documents and Settings\(WindowsProfiles)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(FirefoxProfile)\extensions\

The extension will be installed on the next Firefox start (with dev. profile). Restart firefox on each changes to test them.

## About locales

DO NOT add or modify locales files! Those are managed in Babelzilla only!

Have fun!

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