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Welcome on CapsKiller sources : Caps remover for Thunderbird

About CapsKiller

CapsKiller is a simple Thunderbird extension protecting you against newbies writting their mails with caps lock enabled.

To get CapsKiller for production go there For the development version, follow the above quick start guide.

About CapsKiller technologies

CapsKiller is a Thunderbird addon. It uses XUL and Javascript. You can get more information on the Mozilla Developer Center (

Quick start

Create a new Thunderbird profile for add on development (

Clone the project into the extension folder of this new profile.

-Unix/Linux : $ git clone git:// ~/.mozilla/thunderbird/(ThunderbirdProfile)/extensions/

-Windows sample : $ git clone git:// C:\Documents and Settings(WindowsProfiles)\Application Data\Mozilla\Thunderbird\Profiles(ThunderbirdProfile)\extensions\

The extension will be installed on the next Firefox start (with dev. profile). Restart firefox on each changes to test them.

Have fun!

PS : Take a look at my other add-ons:

PS2 : Have news on Twitter