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Welcome to NFS-Ganesha Wiki

Nfs-ganesha is a user-mode file server for NFS v3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.1 pNFS, and 4.2; and for 9P from the Plan9 operating system. It can support all these protocols concurrently.

This is an Open Source project with an active community of both company sponsored and independent developers. This Wiki is the primary location for all current information about the project and its software releases.

Table of Contents

Release Status

Releases occur more often than updates to this section. To get the most up to date release information, browse the NFS-Ganesha GitHub Releases history.

The current 3 release is 3.2. Read 3.2 for additional 3 details.

The current 2.8 release is 2.8.3. Read 2.8.3 for additional 2.8 details.

The last 2.7 release is 2.7.6. Users of this and earlier releases are encouraged to upgrade as we are unable to devote resources to fix issues with these releases.

The last 2.6 release is 2.6.3.

The last 2.5 release is 2.5.5.

The last 2.4 release is 2.4.5.

The last 2.3 release was 2.3.3.

The last 2.2 release was Version 2.2. This is a significant update that supports delegations. It also improves stability and protocol correctness. See the Release Notes for details.

Our previous releases are Version 2.1, Version 2.0 and Version 1.5.

Source Code Availability

Our supported releases since 2.3 are available as source code tarball downloads provided via the Release Status history URL above. Git provides access to the most recent development or (if you select) stable branches at Github nfs-ganesha.

See the Download Page for details. Official tarballs are also available by clicking through the Releases button on the repository's top page.

We (obviously) use git for our source management. Our official development tree is maintained at Github nfs-ganesha. Individual developers have their own git repositories, most of them on Github, for publishing their changes to the community. See the Developer Area for details. The Release Notes describe source availability in greater detail. In particular, all our releases going forward are marked by signed tags.

The sidebar on the repository's home page gives you the choice of an HTTPS or SSH for cloning. We use git submodules which will not work with an HTTPS clone. Use: git clone git:// instead for anonymous clones.

Development Policies

As our user base and development community have expanded, we have had to put some order to how we develop, release, and support our work. Our Development Policies page describes how we go about our business, developing Open Source software.


Developer Documentation

Contacting Us

The community maintains an active, open IRC channel on Freenode #ganesha. Most of our developers keep in touch on this channel.

We also maintain an email list on Release announcements, technical discussions, and user questions are handled here.

Other Useful Links

These links are approaching obsolete but may be of interest.
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