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These documentation links are separated by release because there have been significant changes to the server during the current development cycle. We do our best to keep things current but please note the release version so as to get the correct information for your installation.

Version 2.0

This version is in active development and is not considered stable enough for production use. Its documentation is still incomplete.

This development series has a number of significant improvements.

  • FSALs are now separate loadable modules and any number of them can be configured at runtime.
  • Full pNFS support with multiple FSALs is now possible.
  • The project has moved from Autotools to Cmake for its build system. This necessitates a completely new build process.
  • Server management and statistics gathering is now done via D-Bus.

Version 1.5

The following pages are valid for version 1.5.x and earlier.

Detailed documentation for exporting: Documentation in PDF Format