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Vim Perforce integration for the 21st century!

No relation to Tom Slee's or Hari Krishna Dara's plugins.


Vundle is the recommended way to install vim-perforce. Add this line to your .vimrc:

Bundle 'nfvs/vim-perforce'

Then run :PluginInstall inside Vim.


By default, when trying to save a read-only file, a prompt to open the file for edit in Perforce is displayed.

Additionally, the following commands are available:


Display perforce information.


Start editing the current file (opened in the default changelist).


Revert the current file (a confirmation prompt is displayed).


Move the current file to a different changelist.


The following settings can be set in your .vimrc file:

g:perforce_open_on_change (default: 0)

Prompt to open the file for edit in Perforce when starting to modify a read-only file.

g:perforce_open_on_save (default: 1)

Prompt to open the file for edit in Perforce when trying to write a read-only file (with :w!).

g:perforce_auto_source_dirs (default: [])

Restrict Perforce automatic operations (save/change read-only files) to a limited set of directories. Please note that on Windows backslashes need to be escaped. Example:

let g:perforce_auto_source_dirs = ['C:\\Users\\nfvs\\Perforce']

g:perforce_use_relative_paths (default: 0)

Send relative file paths to Perforce so it can automatically detect which root to use (useful when sharing a Perforce repository between Linux and Windows or when using Cygwin).

g:perforce_prompt_on_open (default: 1)

Whether to prompt the user when a file is open for edit (either on change or on save).


Copyright (C) Nuno Santos. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.