A basic Angular project seed with a Loopback backend and user registration and login
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Angular + Loopback + Bootstrap

A basic project seed for Angular with user registration and login.

This project is a seed for web application based on Angular that uses Bootstrap for UI and Loopback as backend. The project contains all functionality to register users via e-mail and password on Loopback. It provides login and a simple profile page where users can change their e-mail address and password.

Please adapt to your needs :)

Install prerequisites

You need a database for the Loopback backend. Per default the backend will use postgres. So download and start postgres before you start the app or change the Loopback configuration.


You can configure any database settings in the file server/datasources.json.

You also need to set up an email account to send the email confirmation mails after user registration, those settings are again in the file server/datasources.json.

Backend (Loopack)

Run npm install in the root folder of this repository to download and install all modules that the app needs to run.

Frontend (Angular)

Run npm install in the folder client:

$ cd client
$ npm install

Development server

Run npm run dev for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:3000/. This will also generate the Angular fronend. It will start the CLI build process and put all Angular files in the dist folder, from which Loopback will serve the files. The process will keep running and watch the files in the client folder, so whenever you change a file of the Angular frontend the files will be built again.


This boilerplate is published under The MIT License. See LICENSE file for details.