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Official Angular in Darija landing page containing all video sessions.

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Angular in Darija is a Live Coding Series on Youtube aiming to demystify Angular core concepts in Darija (Moroccan dialect).

The application is hosted on

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Quick start

  1. Fork and clone the project

    git clone
  2. Install dependencies

    # Netlify CLI
    npm install -g netlify-cli
    cd ngx-darija
    npm install
  3. Prepare your environment

    Follow these instructions to set up an API key with your Google account

    Add the key to your .env.local file


    If you want to work on Algolia Search indexing (Node.js):

    Add the Algolia key to your .env.local file

  4. Start local server

    netlify dev

Create content

You can update a video's text content (description, chapters) without having to have the project locally.

  1. Go to the video page on the website, e.g. Getting Started.

  2. Click on the Edit link in the section you want to update.

  3. GitHub should guide you through the editing process as described here: Editing files in another user's repository.

  4. Once your PR is merged and the Pipeline lights are green, your content will go live!


Until the build is automated in the PR pipeline, you will want to build the application locally before submitting the PR.

If you have a netlify account, you can link your site to this project

netlify build
netlify deploy # deploys the built application on your Netlify's site

If you don't have a netlify account

# Shell
NODE_ENV=production npm run site:dev
# PowerSell
$env:NODE_ENV="production"; npm run site:dev

Preview the build result locally

netlify dev --dir dist/ngx-darija/browser


If it's your first contribution to a public Github repo follow this.

Otherwise Just

  • Pick an issue.
  • Check if someone is already working on it (read the comments)
  • Let everyone know that you are working on the issue (Add a comment expressing that)

Thank you for your contribution.


Join the Community Discord Server here.