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Ready to use, fully configured for Go development.
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Get started with Go development in minutes!

0. What is this?

Quite simply this is a vim configuration which will setup all the necessary Go development environment (and plugins), without overwriting your current Vim settings. Basically, you will be able to use amazing vim-go plugin (plus number of others), without affecting your system's Vim configuration.

1. Install runtime:

Fork the repo, and then clone it anywhere. Once done, just run installation script:

git clone 
cd vim-go-ide

NOTE: You system's Vim configuration will NOT be changed i.e. it is safe to install.

REQUIREMENT: vim-go-ide uses pathogen to manage plugins. You need to have pathogen installed on your machine (see

REQUIREMENT: vim-go-ide needs vim8 with python3 and lua support (brew install vim --with-python3 --with-lua)

2. Run your newly installed Vim configuration:

Remember that your system's Vim config files remain untouched? During installation .vimrc.go is created. Let's use it:

vim -u ~/.vimrc.go

And btw, nothing prevents you from creation of a handy alias in your .bashrc:

alias vimgo='vim -u ~/.vimrc.go'

3. Setup necessary go tools (godep, gocode, godoc etc):

In order for the amazing vim-go to be most useful, run :GoInstallBinaries from w/i the Vim.

4. End-result:


Yep, that's it!

5. Where to go from here?

  • You can also read a corresponding blog post.
  • You are highly advised to review vim-go docs (just typing :help vim-go is also good enough).
  • Review list of plugins installed (see bin/install), and default configuration that comes with this setup (see vimrc folder).
  • You can also define your custom settings in ~/.vim_go_runtime/custom_config.vim the runtime will try to load this file - so feel free to remap keys as you see necessary!

6. Update plugin list

Just alter plugin list in install script and run ./bin/install

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