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Simple implementation of django forms for ChicagoBoss.
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Simple implementation of django forms for ChicagoBoss.

This lib uses parameterized modules.

Main purpose of this lib is to simplify form creation and processing.

Form field definition

Fields are defined in form_fields/0 function as proplist in form {field_name, Options}.

Field Options

Required params:

  • type::atom() - field type, one of: [char_field, float_field, boolean_field, choice_field, file_field ] % please refer to Field types and Widgets doc
  • label::string() - field label as string

Optional params:

  • required::atom() - true/false Notifies if field is required to be present while checking form contents, defaults to false.
  • initial::term() - Initial value for field
  • widget::tuple() - Custom field widget in form {Module, Function}, note that widget should be saved outside of parametrized modules (i.e. not in form module)
  • html_options::proplist() - List of html properties [{Key::term(), Value::string()}], will be added to output as Key="Value"

Field specific params:

  • float_field can have format::string() param, this format will be used by io_lib to format field value. Default: "~.2f"
  • choice_field can have choices::proplist() param, in form [{value::term(), title::string()}]


Please see examples/ directory for sample app files.


  • add most used django field types
  • add most used django widgets
  • add inline documentation
  • add django-like output formats as_p, etc.
  • replace io_lib formatting with dtl
  • get rid of proxy functions inside form definition [data/0, errors/0, fields/0, as_table/0]
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