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It seems that 'test-unit' is required as a dependency.
Otherwise, the message "no such file to load -- test/unit/testresult" is displayed.
Adding "gem 'test-unit' to my Gemfile solved the problem.


Also experiencing this issue under ruby 1.9 (rails 3.0.5)


Same problem here (Ruby 1.9, rails 3.0.6)


Also experiencing this in 1.9.2p180


Same here. 1.9.2p180, Rails 3.0.7


Yes, this is a definite issue on Ruby 1.9. Ruby 1.8 includes Test::Unit in the core, but on 1.9 you need to install it as a gem.

I also strongly advise that Hydra start using a Bundler-style gemspec and Gemfile to improve handling of dependencies. This will also make it much easier for developers to get up and running with Hydra.


Definitely an issue, same pb for me:

  • 1.9.2p180
  • rails 3.1rc4

Just noticed that hydra does not officially support ruby 1.9.2 yet:

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