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A micro web framework - lightweight and flexible open source PHP5 MVC framework
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Thin PHP Framework

Thin PHP Framework is a lightweight, flexible open source PHP5 MVC framework. It aims to be a fast, simple and highly extensible framework.

Thin PHP Framework is suitable for web developers who want a robust framework to start their projects but don't want too many dependencies or unnecessary code like other big frameworks.


  • MVC (Model-View-Controller), OOP
  • RAD: download, unzip and start coding your ideas
  • URL routing to the controllers
  • Multi languages, i18n support
  • Log messages
  • Extension (plugin) system
  • Auto generate code (DB tables to VO (value object) classes)
  • Code is optimized: cache URI routes, minify js, css files, etc.
  • OAuth signin using: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • Data-access layer: PDO (Mysql, SQLite...)
  • MongoDB
  • View layer (Template engine): support Smarty (optional)
  • Caching: APC, Memcache
  • Apache, nginx
  • jQuery

And More:

  • Easy to apply the framework to most Website Templates
  • Validate instantly (ajax), both client side and server side
  • Sanitize input data
  • Anti flooding
  • Minify, compress and cache js, css files
  • Prevent form resubmission, remote Post... with form token
  • Switch different views for: themes, languages...
  • Built-in extensions: authentication, captcha, twitter, editor, wiki, code highlighter
  • Authentication extension supports OAuth signin using: Google, Facebook, Twitter...
  • Google Analytics helpers, to track events, auto track ajax links, outbound links


Please visit the website for more information and documentation:

This source code is deployed live as a demo at:


System Requirements: TPF requires PHP 5.2 or later. PHP 5.4+ is recommended.


Change Log:


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