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Baking APP

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Baking App is Android application that will allow **Udacity**’s resident baker-in-chief, Miriam, to share her recipes with the world. You will create an app that will allow a user to select a recipe and see video-guided steps for how to complete it. Yes this application is for **Udacity Associate Android Developer FastTrack program**


  • This app showcases responsive UI both for phone and tablet devices.
  • Show a list of recipes
  • Show a list of steps involved and a video icon and thumbnail if the step has a video
  • Show a Card containing the ingredients of the recipe
  • Use Exoplayer to show videos of steps involved in a recipe.
  • Widget to show recipe ingredients on home screen.
  • UI and Intents Test with Espresso


  • Phone

* Tablet

Project Overview

You will productionize an app, taking it from a functional state to a production-ready state. This will involve finding and handling error cases, adding accessibility features, allowing for localization, adding a widget, and adding a library.

Why this Project?

As a working Android developer, you often have to create and implement apps where you are responsible for designing and planning the steps you need to take to create a production-ready app. Unlike Popular Movies where we gave you an implementation guide, it will be up to you to figure things out for the Baking App.

What Will I Learn?

In this project you will:

  • Use MediaPlayer/Exoplayer to display videos.
  • Handle error cases in Android.
  • Add a widget to your app experience.
  • Leverage a third-party library in your app.
  • Use Fragments to create a responsive design that works on phones and tablets.


General App Usage

  • [-] App should display recipes from provided network resource.
  • [-] App should allow navigation between individual recipes and recipe steps.
  • [-] App uses RecyclerView and can handle recipe steps that include videos or images.
  • [-] App conforms to common standards found in the Android Nanodegree General Project Guidelines.

Components and Libraries

  • [-] Application uses Master Detail Flow to display recipe steps and navigation between them.
  • [-] Application uses Exoplayer to display videos.
  • [-] Application properly initializes and releases video assets when appropriate.
  • [-] Application should properly retrieve media assets from the provided network links. It should properly handle network requests.
  • [-] Application makes use of Espresso to test aspects of the UI.
  • [-] Application sensibly utilizes a third-party library to enhance the app's features. That could be helper library to interface with Content Providers if you choose to store the recipes, a UI binding library to avoid writing findViewById a bunch of times, or something similar.

Homescreen Widget

  • [-] Application has a companion homescreen widget.
  • [-] Widget displays ingredient list for desired recipe.


Rizky Kharisma (

Copyright and License

Copyright 2017 Rizky Kharisma Code released under the MIT License. Copy of LICENSE file can found HERE


Simple apps for looking recipes. Android Developer Fast Track by Udacity.




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