A bot that automatically creates a Confluence page when a Jira ticket is created.
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A bot that automatically creates a Confluence page when a Jira ticket is created.

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Whenever a ticket is created in Jira Cloud with the word 'KDD' (Key Decision Document) in its summary, kddbot will create a Confluence decision page with the same title and link the Jira issue with the newly created Confluence page.

This saves a couple of clicks and promotes consistency. Without kddbot, you'd have to:

  • create the issue
  • create the confluence page
  • go to the issue page and the link it to the confluence page (which needs some clicks)


  • Atlassian Cloud instance
  • AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway
  • Python 3.6
  • requests python module


Preparing deployment package

  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt -t . in the working directory.
  • Create a zip file including the code and the dependencies. The zip file should not have a top-level folder (e.g. zip -r ../kddbot.zip *)

Create AWS Lambda Function

Select the following options:

  • Name: kddbot
  • Runtime: Python 3.6
  • Role: Create new role from template
  • Role name: kddbot

Upload deployment package

  • Edit the lambda function
  • Select Code Entry Type: Upload a zip file
  • Upload the zip file
  • Save function

Set environment variables

Environment Variables:

  • ATLASSIAN_CLOUD_NAME: The name of the Atlassian Cloud site (only the name, before .atlassian.net)
  • USERNAME and PASSWORD: Credentials for Basic Authentication
  • SPACES: Configures the parent page IDs under which the new pages will be created. The format is: SPACE_KEY_1=PARENT_PAGE_ID_1,SPACE_KEY_2=PARENT_PAGE_ID_2,...

Save the function after editing the environment variables.

Create API Gateway

  • Create new API Gateway
  • Select New API with name kddbot
  • Add POST method on the / resource.
  • Configure POST method on the / resource to call the kddbot Lambda function.
  • Deploy the API on a new stage named prod

This provides the HTTPS endpoint that needs to be configured in Jira.

Configure Jira WebHook

  • Configure WebHooks in Jira (System -> Advanced -> WebHooks)
  • Create a new WebHook with name kddbot
  • The URL should be the URL of the API Gateway
  • Select to listen on Issue Created events


The Confluence Cloud REST API currently does not offer a way of creating a page based on a template or a blueprint. Therefore, the template that is used is hard-coded in the Python code of kddbot.


Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram

Configuring Visual Studio Code

To see all pylint messages in Visual Studio Code, make sure you have this setting in your workspace settings:

    "python.linting.pylintUseMinimalCheckers": false