A maven plugin that can create Bitbucket tags
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A Maven plugin that can create Bitbucket tags.

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Important: The git tag is prefixed by the letter v.

  • The ensure-tag-does-not-exist goal will break the build if a git tag that matches the pom version already exists.

  • The publish-tag goal will publish a new git tag.

Common Configuration Parameters

  • username and password are the credentials for the Bitbucket Cloud REST API
  • owner and slug identify the git repository
  • hash points to the current git SHA


This goal runs at the VALIDATE phase by default. It will fail the build if the version defined in the pom.xml:

  • is not a valid semantic version
  • would leave a gap in the semver sequence, based on the biggest git tag

Example: if the biggest git tag is v1.2.3, then the build will fail, unless the pom version is one of 1.2.4, 1.3.0, 2.0.0.

This goal will ignore snapshot versions.


This goal runs at the DEPLOY phase by default. It publishes a tag in git using the Bitbucket Cloud REST API. The tag is named after the pom version, prefixed with the letter v.

This goal will fail if the version in pom.xml is a snapshot version.

Configuration Example