Problem using OAuth for tweets #2

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I've started using erlang_twitter client to tweet but unsuccessfully.
I'm trying to tweet using access that I've provided from my account to my application.
I use the following code to get tokens and post a tweet :

Consumer = {"My Real Consumer Key", "My Real Consumer Key", hmac_sha1}.
RequestTokenURL = "".
{ok, ResponseR} = oauth:get(RequestTokenURL, [], Consumer, "", "").
ParamsR = oauth_http:response_params(ResponseR).
TokenR = oauth:token(ParamsR).
TokenSecretR = oauth:token_secret(ParamsR).

%% Everything is OK till here. So make a new tweet :
twitter_client:direct_new({Consumer, TokenR, TokenSecretR}, Msg).

=> this function returns "ok", but that's false. While debugging, I have the following error from twitter :

\n\n /direct_messages/new.xml\n Could not authenticate you.\n

Am I missing something ?

I get the same error when using auth API directly :
oauth:post("",["My New Tweet"], Consumer, TokenR, TokenSecretR).


ngerakines commented May 16, 2011

The oauth functionality was contributed. I'll have to dig back to find the orig author to ask about this issue.

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