An interface for administering GitLab from the PowerShell command line.
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An interface for administering GitLab from a Windows PC using PowerShell.

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Find-Module -Name PSGitLab | Install-Module

Getting started

Before you start to use PSGitLab you need to

  • obtain your your personal access token
  • save your personal access token and the GitLab URL using Save-GitLabAPIConfiguration
Save-GitLabAPIConfiguration -Domain -Token "mPnTssWyBCMjxxxxxxxJQ"

Your configuration data are saved to the file "$env:appdata\PSGitLab\PSGitLabConfiguration.xml".

API Requests

If you think there is an GitLab API I missed make sure to request it as an issue. I added the API calls that I needed to get work done. You might need others. Let me know.


Before issuing a Pull Request make sure to run the following code to make sure your not additions don't get kicked back.

.\build.ps1 -Task Pre-Commit

This will run your code against the PSScriptAnalyzer and Pester tests. If you're writing code against a specific function you can use Pester tags to check against just that one function.

Invoke-Pester -Tag get-gitlabproject


Milestones will be used for code coverage. Each API call has it's own issue and each group of API calls will be categorized by the corresponding milestone.


If you find a bug, please let me know through the issue tracker. The more details you provide the better.