Implementation based on Probabilstic Robotics by Thrun et. al.
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This is an implementation of the EKF localizationn with known correspondences from the book Probabilistic Robotics by Thrun et. al. I wrote this code to help me understand the material better. So others may find it useful as well.

The simulation consists of a robot with a range sensor that can detect known landmarks in the world. You move the robot around using the arrow keys.

One addition I made was handle the case when angular velocity is zero. The original algorithm found in the book would result in a divide by zero.


###Requirements This demo code requires the following libraries

  • SDL2
  • Eigen

I've only tested this on a Linux machine but it should work on Mac and Windows because both libraries are cross platform.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

###Customization All the parameters for the simulation can be found in config.h