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# Features that can be enabled for cmake (see CMakeLists.txt)
option(ENABLE_WERROR "Turn on compile time warnings")
option(ENABLE_DEBUG "Turn on debug output")
option(ENABLE_THREADS "Turn on threading in apps" ON)
option(ENABLE_APP "Build applications (nghttp, nghttpd, nghttpx and h2load)"
option(ENABLE_HPACK_TOOLS "Build HPACK tools"
option(ENABLE_ASIO_LIB "Build C++ libnghttp2_asio library")
option(ENABLE_EXAMPLES "Build examples"
option(ENABLE_PYTHON_BINDINGS "Build Python bindings"
option(ENABLE_FAILMALLOC "Build failmalloc test program" ON)
option(ENABLE_LIB_ONLY "Build libnghttp2 only. This is a short hand for -DENABLE_APP=0 -DENABLE_EXAMPLES=0 -DENABLE_HPACK_TOOLS=0 -DENABLE_PYTHON_BINDINGS=0")
option(WITH_LIBXML2 "Use libxml2"
option(WITH_JEMALLOC "Use jemalloc"
option(WITH_SPDYLAY "Use spdylay"
option(WITH_MRUBY "Use mruby")
option(WITH_NEVERBLEED "Use neverbleed")
# vim: ft=cmake: