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@@ -64,6 +64,25 @@ The benchmarking result looks like this:
See the h2load manual page :ref:`h2load-1-output` section for the
explanation of the above numbers.

Timing-based load-testing

As of v1.26.0, h2load supports timing-based load-testing. This method
performs load-testing in terms of a given duration instead of a
pre-defined number of requests. The new option :option:`--duration`
specifies how long the load-testing takes. For example,
``--duration=10`` makes h2load perform load-testing against a server
for 10 seconds. You can also specify a “warming-up” period with
:option:`--warm-up-time`. If :option:`--duration` is used,
:option:`-n` option is ignored.

The following command performs load-testing for 10 seconds after 5
seconds warming up period:

.. code-block:: text

$ h2load -c100 -m100 --duration=10 --warm-up-time=5 https://localhost

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