nghttp2 v1.14.0

@tatsuhiro-t tatsuhiro-t released this Aug 25, 2016 · 329 commits to master since this release

  • lib: Make emit_header() return void since it always succeed (Patch from Wenfeng Liu)
  • lib: Add nghttp2_hd_deflate_hd_vec() deflate API to support multiple buffer input (Patch from Wenfeng Liu) (GH-654)
  • lib: since hd_inflate_commit_indexed() always return 0, remove the return value check in nghttp2_hd_inflate_hd_nv() (Patch from Wenfeng Liu)
  • lib: Use memeq() instead of lstreq() in lookup_token() (Patch from Wenfeng Liu)
  • lib: More strict stream state handling
  • lib: Modify to remove redundant header comparisons and remove inline qualifier of lookup_token() in (Patch from Wenfeng Liu)
  • lib: Fix wrong tree operation to avoid cycle
  • lib Make get_max_index() return the max index in frame, so we don't need to do extra calculation (Patch from Wenfeng Liu) (GH-644)
  • lib: Add nghttp2_on_invalid_header_callback (GH-642)
  • lib: Log frame's stream ID for header debug logging
  • doc: Remove old doc about differential encoding in HPACK (GH-652)
  • doc: Document about ALPN in nghttpx howto (GH-638)
  • nghttpx: Log error code from getsockopt(SO_ERROR) on first write event
  • nghttpx: Don't change pushed stream's priority
  • nghttpx: Log backend connection failure in WARN level
  • nghttpx: Fix bug that api and healthmon parameters do not work with http2 proxy (GH-661)
  • nghttpx: Add access log variable for backend host and port (GH-640)
  • nghttpx: Use copy instead of const reference of backend group
  • nghttpx: Reload configuration with SIGHUP (GH-639)
  • nghttp: Adjust weight according to Firefox stable
  • nghttp: Call error callback when invalid header field is received and ignored
  • nghttp: Allow multiple -p option (GH-636)
  • deflatehd: Call nghttp2_hd_deflate_change_table_size only if table size is changed from default